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The School Executive




The Radiology School is part of HEENW, where the Responsible Officer for all trainees is the Postgraduate Dean - Professor Mamelok. The school has a lead Associate Dean, Dr Hodgson, who provides advice and guidance - as well as attending many of the school board meetings and ARCP panels.



The management and planning of the school and teaching programme is led by Dr Alistair Craig, Head of School. Dr Craig is a consultant radiologist with an interest in interventional radiology. He has been a consultant since 2009, and was Associate Training Programme Director from 2013 to April 2016 when he was appointed as Head of the integrated School of Radiology.



The school also has three Training Programme Directors (TPD) and an Associate Training Programme Director (ATPD). The TPDs are responsible for trainees at different stages of training. The ST5/6 TPD is responsible for senior trainees, senior ST teaching and career advice. The ST2/3/4 TPD is responsible for years 2,3 and 4 trainees and hospital placements. The ST1/Academy trainee is responsible for the Junior ST teaching programme, the Academy and ST1sl. ST1/Academy TPD works closely with the ATPD to deliver this wide range of duties.