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All trainees are now required to keep and up to date record of their leave, countersigned by the TSTL at their current department, and upload it to the personal section of their ePortfolio.


The current forms can be downloaded here


This form is in addition to any Trust leave form that you will probably be asked to fill in by the departmental secretary or TSTL.


The form now covers 6 months, not 12 months, so you will use one form for August - February and you will need to start a fresh form from February – July 2017.


You will see that you need to put your ‘total annual leave days’ (eg 27, or 30) in the Annual Leave box, but then you just cross off the days as you take them in the 6 month period,  starting from 15 (or 13, as appropriate).


The form now has columns for you to record your ‘time off in lieu’ and ‘professional leave’


The form can now be signed off by your TSTL/Clinical Supervisor every 3 months, not every time you book leave.  This is to save the TSTL/Clinical Supervisor’s time. You should fill it in yourself every time you book leave though, otherwise you may forget the dates. The forms must be countersigned prior to any ARCP.


*As in previous years, every time you book leave, you must upload the form onto  the Personal Library section of your Eportfolio.  You must upload it even if it’s not yet been signed off by your TSTL/Clinical Supervisor.



Lead Employer leave guidance can be found below


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